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Handmade Walking Sticks

Handmade Walking Sticks
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Beautiful Quality Walking Sticks - Thumb and Wading Sticks. 

Hand made in the Scottish Highlands by a true local craftsman using the finest materials which is ideal for Walkers. Shooters and Fishermen.

Each piece is individually crafted using only the best seasoned and straightened Hazel shafts, on to which are fitted selected and crafted Red Deer Antler handles.

The handles are then finally finished off with individually made wooden caps; most of which are further decorated with relevant motifs such as birds, animals, fish, deer, Otters etc.  The whole item is then varnished to protect it, followed by a rubber foot being fitted.

Please Note:

Walking Sticks & Thumb Sticks

  • Average Stick Length is about  51 inches (1.3 metres).
  • Special sizes can be made to order.
  • The actual handle, or thumb grip shape will be individual and exclusive, as all antler pieces vary in shape.

Spirally Carved Sticks are available, but only made to order.  Please contact us for forther information.

Wading Sticks include full fitted lanyard and are weighted at the bottom to ensure the stick stays on the river bed if released from the hand.

If required, we can email you a photograph of your stick before we dispatch it.

Prices for Walking Sticks :
Walking Sticks & Thumb Sticks - £35.50 + £6.00 P&P
Spirally Carved Sticks - £48.50 + £6.00 P&P
Wading Sticks - £45.00+ £6.00 P&P