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Folding Parlour Pot

Folding Parlour Pot
Folding Parlour Pot
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For years we have been working to achieve and perfect an easily transportable folding parlour pot, and at last we are happy with our work.

It is well known that parlour pots used in productive areas can significantly improve catch rates.

As can be seen in the photograph we have an end full width walk in entrance, which closes behind the entrant, but more importantly we have a top ‘drop in’ cone and ring entrance which also allows the target to enter from above.

The bait bag is located within the first chamber, but can be easily moved into the parlour end if you prefer.

Within the trap there is a second soft entrance into the parlour. If a second target species comes in to the first chamber, it is not unusual for a minor battle to occur; the internal soft entrance into the parlour gives the loser somewhere to run.

When you lift your trap/pot, there is every chance you could have two or three lobsters/edible crabs in the one pot.  From a catch point of view they have proven to be more efficient than standard pots, plus it is possible to leave them down for longer if you want to.

To double the attraction, place a second piece of bait in the parlour end too; either a piece of fish straight in, or make another bait bag and attach in the parlour end.