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Attractor Bait Light

Attractor Bait Light
Attractor Bait Light Attractor Bait Light Attractor Bait Light
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Forget Glow Beads

These lamps flash a bright Green light way down to 70 meters.

Designed for use originally in Lobster and Crab Traps to improve catches, they are supplied with a heavy swivel and stainless steel clip to attach to the inside of the traps. Can also be attached to lines or anchor rope for rod fishing. Lobsters Crab and fish are attracted by the light and you can expect some surprising visitors too.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the standard bait, they will however work on their own too, and we have had lobsters and crab come into the traps to investigate the light when the light was used just on its own (No bait).

Another visitor to these lights has been large Squid which is "interesting"!

They must think its one of their own type. Sea Anglers - Attach one of these lights to a weighted light rope, and lower it to the bottom or just off the bottom. Tie it off the back of the boat, or buoy it at the surface and fish near or around it.

You can also suspend them just below the surface at night for attracting shallow or surface feeders. Many FISH are attracted to the light (in greater numbers than glow beads) and you could give yourself the winning edge with what you catch. We know